AhoyJulia DeMarines is an Astrobiologist and science communicator. She spent one year working towards a PhD in Planetary Science at Hampton University, in Hampton, Virginia that ultimately was not a good fit. Before starting her PhD in the fall of 2014, she acted as “Space Producer” (aka roadie) for the 2014 tour the Universe with the House Band of the Universe. Before that she was as an Education Officer onboard the JOIDES Resolution scientific drilling vessel for two months at sea. She is also a research scientist at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science since 2011. Additionally, she holds the position of Space Science Department Associate at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) where she previously was employed as a Research Assistant to the Curator of Astrobiology, Dr. David Grinspoon (the funkiest of scientists) for nearly three years.

At DMNS, her duties included education and outreach of two NASA grants, one related to the Astrobiology of Titan, and one regarding the Radiation Assessment Detector on the Mars Science Lab. Also, she researched particle flux onto Titan, managed (and still does) Dr. Grinspoon’s website, evaluated the impact of Titan educational activities at the museum, and created custom graphic design work for scientific illustrations.

In her free time she curates and runs a monthly (now seasonal) space outreach event in Denver, called Space in your Face!, held at the Deer Pile venue. She also on the leadership counsel for the Blue Marble Space (BMS) non-profit organization, helping make decisions for the organizations. Her involvement with BMS has enabled her to co-create SAGANet (Social Action for a Grassroots Astrobiology Network) initiative with five other colleagues, as well as start her own initiative called Distant Vantage Media Labs – a collaboration of scientists and artists creating media to demystify STEM concepts.


To learn more, read Julia’s Biography and check out her CV/Resume. If you have any questions/comments for Julia, please leave her a note!