I used to loathe Instagram. As a photographer, I used to think Instagram was a way for people to think they are creating art by adding quick filters without knowing anything about contrast, saturation, vignetting, etc etc…

If you haven’t experienced hours in a darkroom, fussing with dust on your negatives, making countless test strips, manually adding contrast filters, and breathing in chemicals to get your perfect print… then you don’t know what true photography is.

Then I got over it.

Art is art. If you can make art using your fingers on a smart phone, well hey… that’s the future. I love that it’s giving anyone with a smartphone the ability to get into photography, because owning a good camera is not cheap. I also love what you can do to an image with only a few options, constrained in a small square to convey a message, a feeling, a moment. Instagram has evolved to basically be what the Photoshop express app was, and before I used Instagram, I used the Photoshop app prolifically. So, there you have it. Now I’m obsessed with Instagram.

Below is my instagram feed, or you can look here for the real deal.